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When Loona’s Olivia Hye’s lawsuit against the company was dismissed she expressed her opinion

When Loona's Olivia Hye's lawsuit against the company was dismissed she expressed her opinion

After losing an injunction lawsuit, olivia Hye of Loona has confirmed that she will continue with the band, and this update marks the first time she has commented since the news broke.

Idol didn’t give many specifics about what happened, but did hint at upcoming “news.”

She updated everyone on the latest version of the Fab messaging app by saying: “Since I believe Orbits would suffer regardless of my words, it is difficult for me to open my mouth. I know you’re waiting on some news, but I wanted to get in touch with you anyway.”

“Sincerely, thank you isn’t enough to express how much this means to me. My goal is to get stronger and more confident so that the next time I see Orbits I can show off my best self. Even though it’s already the new year, I hope that both Orbits and Loona will have reason to smile this year.”

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Loona’s members had previously stated that they planned to file an injunction to terminate their contracts with BlockBerry Creative. The dismissal of one of the members, Chuu, preceded the announcement.

Thus, only four members, including Olivia, were able to have their contracts terminated. This means that the remaining members of Loona are obligated to stay on board, while the four winners are released from all ties to the company.

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